Thursday, July 1, 2010

Awkward moment #5 - Right hair waiting

I guess this one fits, considering I just got a new do tonight.

Regarding the day in question for awkward moment #5, I had looked forward to it for weeks. My last big assignment as editor of the university newspaper was to make a video for the Web site interviewing random students about their future plans.

I was so excited about being on film that morning at 10 a.m., I set a hair appointment for 7:30 a.m. so I would look crisp for the cam! A true reporter - hair in place, pant suit and make-up to perfection. I even bought a special lipstick, applied with a brush. OH YEA.

My videographer, Alana, and I met in the newsroom early to gear up for our gig. I made one last run for the ladies' room to check out my do to make sure it was all in place. Applied one last layer of my sexy lipstick, gave the do a little fluff and was ready to REPORT!

We set out around campus, randomly approaching students with my witty questions about what they want to do with their lives and how the school was to be a part of that. A few hot fellas I approached seemed to glare straight at my lips, which was a huge ego stroke since I was already thrilled about my new lip decor.

I said hello to one of my professors who stopped by to ask how the shoot was going. She stared at my lips. OK, maybe she wanted to ask me where I got my shimmer. After all, the label said it was a NEW SHADE! I interviewed a young foreign student who seemed to be all giggles, and also couldn't take her eyes off my lips.

The last guy I interviewed was looking at me but his eyes went from my lips to my eyes, sort of in a confused manner. I assumed he wasn't the flirty type and was just being respectable. I kept BEING A REPORTER and getting in his face with my questions, but after he seemed a bit uncomfortable, I took it down a notch. At the end he wished me a great day and dashed off.

Alana and I called it a day and went back to the newsroom. I was feeling all hot and sexy with my new look and as I sat at the desk, I took another chance to retouch my make-up. As I popped open my little mirror and glanced at my canvas of a face, something was awry.

I looked at my luscious new lips and noticed on the upper right side of my top lip, three little hairs where jetting out from my lip as though they were rooted there. My sexy new lipstick was so thick, it served as a glue for my three-hair, one-sided mustache. I realized a few loose hairs must have fallen from my new trim when I gave it that last fluff before our video shoot.

I playfully asked Alana, "Do you hate me!? For the love of God! Why didn't you tell me I had THIS GOING ON!? (pointing to it)."

The two of us nearly died of laughter remembering how many people we approached who got a 3D view of my anomaly with my in-your-face reporting!

So my ego boost turned into a crash when I realized THAT is what they were all staring at the whole time I thought I was a diva!

Damnit ... I can't ever win. lol

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