Sunday, June 27, 2010

The awkward moments collection - #1

Awkward moments are an unavoidable part of life, right? Sure. And some people experience them a bit more than others, namely ME. My next series of blog posts will cover some of my most memorable weird moments. Here's the freshest on my mind. It has a "you had to be there" twist, but nonetheless, I vowed to blog it, so ... here I blog. (dedicated to - you know who you are!)

"Oh, no she didn't"

So last Friday, my lovely, pink-haired friend and I walked over to Starbucks where we are frequent fliers. The cashier recognized us immediately, as we're always full of laughs and smiles. She even knows our order before we spit it at her. This time she decided to be extra friendly and asked us "are you married; do you go out?"

My immediate thought was "how am I supposed to say that I never go out without sounding like a total loser?" As I was about to open my jaws to toss out a witty response, a quaint little voice next to me said, "Ummm, we're just ... friends."

I felt my eyebrows come together as I turned in slow motion to give my friend the "WTF?" look. The cashier seemed stunned, gave us a look of minor panic and repeated several times that she didn't mean it THAT way.

She was simply asking us if we're each married, not TO EACH OTHER, and if we ever go out on the town, as in, she probably wanted to hang out with us sometime because she thought we were cool like that. Although now she probably thinks we're total dorks! Not to mention, we were holding up the line because I noticed two ladies behind us with objective expressions after having witnessed that entire charade.

The cashier abruptly stuttered her way into another subject by telling us about how she slept on the bench outside the building during her break time to make up for the partying she planned to do that night ... a very different topic! We grabbed our order the second it was ready and dashed off laughing. My pink-haired buddy had what is commonly known as a blonde moment.

The oddities of BFF-hood - When she saw me trying to buy a rice krispie treat with my debit card (which is how I pay for everything these days, mostly because it's easiest), she thought it was silly so she snatched it from me and paid for it with her order.

My buddy assumed the cashier saw that as a "couple" maneuver and assumed we were a "happy" duo. After the misconception, the poor cashier couldn't stop stuttering and couldn't look us in the face anymore.

I suppose this was another example of the "ASS U ME" philosophy. I was just amazed and amused at how my friend's brain works sometimes, and my friend was as pink as her hair as we giggled the afternoon away.

But it's nice to know "we're just friends." Whew! I get that from guys AND girls? Shoot! I give up now. Haha. She couldn't wait to tell her husband about her awkward moment that also became mine, lol. So there began our weekend in the best way, with laughter.

The next Starbucks visit should be interesting.

Stay tuned for awkward moment #2 "One hazard of texting and walking" :-)

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