Monday, June 28, 2010

Awkward moment #2 - One hazard of texting and walking

Everyone who knows me knows I'm a super texter, always have been ... well specifically since March 2002. My co-worker, Laurie, thought it was time I learned how to communicate with her from across the room in a more modern way than handwritten notes via paper airplane. Ahhhh. I still remember the day she taught me how to text on my old school, fat-ass Nokia that was the size of a newborn baby. **happy-memory tears**

Five years later, the professional texter (ME!) was at school, wandering to the restroom during a class break. I have a bad habit of texting and walking, and since I'm severely one-track-minded, no matter how bad I have to pee, my pace doesn't accelerate while my brain is focused on tapping the phone keys.

Luckily, my school was my second (sometimes first) home, so I didn't need to look where I was going. All three floors of this building were identical, and I could maneuver it blind.

I text-walked straight into the restroom, but something made me look up as I got a weird vibe. What was probably one-tenth of a second, felt like 1o minutes! I stood there ... staring up at my classmate watering a porcelain flower, one that didn't belong in the girls' laboratory. Ummm, yea. I had wandering aimlessly straight into the men's bathroom!

He was obviously mid-stream because after hearing the unfamiliar sound of loud clicky heels in the men's room, he gave a very limited side glance, and as I saw his head turning, I unfroze from my state of shock and clicked those heels right back out the doorway at the speed of an asteroid.

Hyperventilating, I latched on to the arm of my friend and confessed my sin to purge myself of the volcanic eruption of guilt that would have been the death of me. She was barely paying attention to me at first as she perused a jewelry fair in the lobby. But when she heard the punchline of my non-joke, she let out a high-pitched laugh and asked me something that made me feel like all my hair was standing straight up.

"Did he SEE you!??? OH MY GOD! I wonder if he saw it was you!"

After my mini-heart attack, it was time to head back to class where I faced the moment of terror! HIS FACE. My friend kept giggling and I kept shushing her. I broke into a cold sweat as he walked in, and I ducked, pretending to look for an imaginary object in my purse.

I spent the rest of the semester avoiding him like a wasp nest (I'm deathly horrified of wasps). Ironically, the next semester he ended up in two of my classes and after group projects, we became very good friends. He was there for me in some of my darkest times that year, and he was one of the people who screamed and cheered the loudest for me during graduation as I received one of the greatest honors of my life that day.

I never thought I'd live to see the day I got over the anxiety and stopped wondering if he knew it was me who ALMOST, but DIDN'T see the proof of his gender. And I never asked!

Next blog - Awkward moment #3, "Nursing school drop-out"

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